Advances in alloy wheel refurbishment technologies make it possible for bolted wheels and split rim wheels to undergo previously restricted repair services. This is due to a larger number of vehicle owners who have employed routine refurbishment services to improve the condition and value of their alloy wheels on their vehicle.

Advances in colour coding have also allowed repair specialists to improve the condition and value of alloy wheels. Using an advanced refurbishment system, repair specialists are able to offer unique “Colour Coding” options. (If a vehicle owner does not want to use the original manufacturers colour, most repair specialists will use a design work or pattern chosen by the vehicle owner).
Choose DF Crash Repairs to refurbish your wheels, we offer a professional high quality service and are able to return your alloy wheels to new condition, removing chips and scuffs by repainting your rims. We also carry out minor repairs to the wheels if the edges are kerbed. Book your Vehicle In Now