What is SMART Repair? 
SMART Repair stands for Small Medium Area Repair Technology.
SMART Repair is used to repair small areas of minor accident damage on your vehicle.
SMART repairs have been developed to offer a fast and cost effective way of repairing vehicle damage. The repairs are kept to the affected area only, as a result they are far smaller and take much less time to repair than a bodyshop repair. The real advantage of this is a massive reduction in cost.
SMART repair areas may include bumper scuffs, mirror scuffs, scuffed and scratched paintwork, cracked bumpers or mirrors.
SMART repair techniques are perfect for repairing any minor accident damage or for preparing your vehicle before sale. Chips, scratches, cracks, bumper scuffs and dents are unsightly and can drive down the resale value of any vehicle.
Previously, there was little financial incentive to repair these cosmetic problems due to high bodyshop costs. Using SMART your vehicle can be repaired so you get the most for your vehicle. SMART repair techniques limit the repair to the damaged area only and not the complete panel. The restored repair area is virtually undetectable from the original factory paint finish and can be completed in hours rather than days thus providing significant cost and time savings to you the valued customer.

Bumper Scuffs and Scratches
Bumpers are the most common area to get damaged on a vehicle, nearly everyone has had one, SMART repair is the ideal way to get these bumper scuffs and scratches repaired. The fast effective way a SMART technician can repair a bumper means you can keep your vehicle looking in top condition.

The SMART technician will firstly determine the colour code of your vehicle and then mix a very small amount of paint to cover the affected area, each colour is mixed to the exact variant for that vehicle not just the general code stamped on the vehicle.

The area will be prepped by the technician using whichever techniques he feels are needed for the job. Once the affected area is prepped the colour is applied, then a top coat of lacquer and finally a fade out lacquer which ultimately blends the repaired lacquer in with the original bodywork, leaving a great finish.

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